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Re: Director, Finance & Administration

This announcement shares information about transitions within PWA’s Director, Finance & Administration role.

Retirement of Richard Durk

After eleven and a half years providing exceptional leadership of PWA’s financial and administrative requirements, Richard Durk will be retiring on Friday, November 3, 2017. During his time with PWA, Richard developed strong processes, resources and accountability structures at PWA during agency growth and changes within non-profit and accounting standards. Richard also led the very complex project of moving the PWA offices to our current address including a complete, wall-to-wall renovation that has allowed PWA to have a space that reflects practically and physically, the welcoming and healing space that is foundational to PWA.

Richard continued his extensive history of community work while at PWA, most notably acting as a goodwill ambassador in his various roles with The Imperial Court of Toronto (TICOT) which has raised approximately $370,000 for PWA over their 30 year history. In 2012/2013 (reign 26), TICOT and Emperor Ricky Lake Ontario (Richard) participated in 131 fundraising events for 15 charities and raised over $110,000 (over $50,000 raised for PWA). Ricky also founded the BOWER POWER Euchre Tournaments which have raised $21,000 ($10,000 for PWA) since 2012.

At this point in Richard’s life, he and his partner have been able to make exciting choices moving into the future and Richard has been able to do so with generousity by providing PWA an extraordinary amount of notice. This has allowed the agency to prepare for this significant transition within the agency and recruit for the new Director at a time that will allow for overlap and training.

Jon WollastonJon Wollaston
I am very excited to introduce PWA’s new Director, Finance & Administration, Jon Wollaston who will begin his new role on October 12th. We’re incredibly fortunate to have someone with Jon’s level of experience, commitment and passion to continue leading PWA’s Finance and Administrative department.