PWA Updates

PWA Children’s Gift Certificate Program 2021

Registration begins November 15th, 2021. Contact your Income and Community Liaison to request a gift certificate for each child under 18 years of age. Registration closes on December 10th. Read more.

PWA Holiday Bags 2021

This year, PWA will be doing things a little differently when it comes to the Holiday Bags, no registration is needed, all you have to do is come during our opening hours from November 29th to December 31st. Read more.

Do you need help coping with COVID?

Come learn new ways to deal with the Pandemic Streess and New Life Skills with AYS on Zoom!

No Experience Needed! Your confidentiality will be respected, and you can go at your own pace!

Classes of 45 minutes, happening by-weekly. Read more

Hours of operation – Starting December 1st 2021

  • In-person appointments: will be available with our Staff and Peers. Please, contact any Staff you wish to meet with to book an appointment, or come by PWA to see when the Staff are available. Staff and Peers will be available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 12-4pm.
  • Haircuts: Haircuts will be offered every Friday from 12 to 4pm. Appointment only – please contact Chris Godi ( or (416) 506-1400 ext. 261).
  • Financial Assistance: you can pick-up financial assistance cheques (or call and ask us to mail them) and drop-off receipts (you can also take a photo and email them to Bill or Rajesh)
  • Harm Reduction: you can pick-up harm reduction and safer sex supplies on the 2nd floor (During office hours)
  • Wearing Masks: Everyone will need to wear a mask (masks are provided if you need one) and sanitize their hands when they come to PWA.
  • COVID Screening: Everyone who comes to PWA and will be in the office for more than 15 minutes will need to complete a COVID screening assessment.

Looking for information about HIV/AIDS testing and services?

Visit our Links page for a comprehensive list of local, provincial, and national organizations.

Visit the  Sexual Health InfoLine Ontario (SHILO) (416) 392-2437 or 1 (800) 668-2437 (formerly the AIDS and Sexual Health Info Line)

CATIE ( for content related to HIV education and treatment

Gay Men’s Sexual

African and Caribbean Council on HIV in Ontario:

Women and HIV/AIDS Initiative:

HIV Resources Ontario:

Hello Ontario