Board of Directors: Applications Process

Board of Directors: Application Process Highlights

Are you are interested in joining a group of volunteers that cares deeply about PWA and want to help build PWA’s future? Would you like to join the Board of Directors at PWA Toronto?

Requirements we look for in new Board Members include:

  1. Lived experience
  2. A desire to give back to your community
  3. A desire to commit to the mission of the board and the strategic mission of PWA
  4. A commitment to embrace the needs of the community and the agency
  5. A willingness to learn new skills and share your knowledge, experience and energy

How To Apply

Applications are open in July of each year, usually around the end of the third week. For more information please contact the Chair of Governance Committee at to confirm. When you apply please include a short letter sharing why you want to be on the board along with your résumé.

People whose skills match PWA’s present needs and are selected for consideration are invited to participate in an interview with the nominating committee. Successful candidates are then put forward to the current Board for approval and finally, are elected by the Membership at the PWA AGM in September.

PWA Board Members are elected for a 3-year term.

Board Member Responsibility Overview

Each Board Member has the responsibility to work collaboratively, sharing your skills and experiences. Collectively, the Board sets the direction of the organization, ensures resources and provide strategic oversight to PWA and its Leadership Team through the agency’s strategic plan.

It is vitally important that the Board includes people living with HIV/AIDS, women and trans people, and people from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds to ensure that it can fulfill its responsibilities. Additionally, people with experience and capabilities in a broad range of skill areas are needed, but specific experience with board governance is highly desired, along with experience in fundraising, and communications & advocacy.

The following documents provide a snapshot of PWA and additional information about being / becoming a Board Member.

Information about the Board and PWA