This program recruits, places, and supports volunteers so they are able to connect with others, meaningfully contribute to positive change, set goals, develop skills, access resources and ultimately, to dream as they make a positive impact in the lives of community members.

Dreaming and Engagement was designed to support volunteers in their various positions at PWA. Almost all of our volunteers have a lot of community member contact which makes for a very unique and exciting volunteer experience! We have many different roles at the agency and we strive to find a fit for everyone. Volunteers are asked to accommodate one 4-hour shift per week. One of the main reasons for the Dreaming and Engagement Program is to give back to our volunteers a small amount of what they give to us.

In addition to supporting volunteers in their volunteer roles, PWA strives to empower individuals to explore their passions, connect with their whole selves – heart, mind, body and spirit – and take care of themselves holistically. Volunteers are encouraged to dream with confidence and support through the Dreaming and Opportunities Program.

Become a Volunteer!

Here is your opportunity to make an impact in our Community!

To become a volunteer, fill out the Volunteer Application form online here and send it to our Dreaming & Engagement Coordinator, via email: ntom@pwatoronto.org or phone: 416-506-1400 Ex.: 216

You can also scan the QR Code to signup as a volunteer today!