Staff & Board of Directors


Name, Phone Number and ExtensionDepartment, Position Title, and Email
Programs & Services
Llewellyn GoddardTreatment and Community Liaison
(416) 506-1400 ext. 217lgoddard [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Chris GodiTherapeutic Care Coordinator
(416) 506-1400 ext. 261cgodi [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Bill HandleyIncome & Community Liaison
(416) 506-1400 ext. 215bhandley [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Nick Papadogiannis Interim Director, Programs & Services
(416) 506-1400 ext. 214npapadogiannis [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Rajesh PisharodyIncome & Community Liaison
(416) 506-1400 ext. 213rpisharody [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Dunstan JamesImplementation Manager
(416) 506-1400 ext. 120djames [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Catherine RuttoCircle of Care Peer Coordinator
(416) 506-1400 ext. 210crutto [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Kimberley Vaz Interim Food Programs Coordinator
(416) 506-1400 ext. 216Kvaz[at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Kyle Vose Interim Service Access manager
(416) 506-1400 ext. 220kvose [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Roy Schuurhuis Engagement Coordinator
(416) 506-1400 ext. 211rschuurhuis [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Suzanne PaddockExecutive Director
(416) 506-1400 ext. 204spaddock [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Jon WollastonDirector, Finance & Administration
(416) 506-1400 ext. 118jwollaston [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Francine LewisPhilanthropy & Administration Coordinator
(416) 506-1400 ext. 119flewis [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Philanthropy & Communications
Michael ReidInterim Director Philanthropy & Communications
(416) 506-1400 ext. 241mreid [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Trevor OuelletteSpecial Events Coordinator
(416) 506-1400 ext. 238touellette [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
Robb WalkerPhilanthropy Officer
(416) 506-1400 ext. 240rwalker [at] pwatoronto [dot] org


Board of Directors

Title and EmailName
President, ChairFrancisco Remolino
Vice President, Vice-ChairDavid Morris
pwa [dot] chair [at] pwatoronto [dot] org
TreasurerSam Latham
Board SecretaryNeil Herelle
Members at Large:
Mike Creek
Stephanie Darrach
Bruce Mayhew
Chris McGrath
David McIntosh
Kelly O'Brien