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On March 17 we announced that changes in funding priorities from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

and lower participation in some of our fundraising initiatives would result in changes to some of the programs and services offered at PWA (see PWA Facing Change post). We can confirm that our PHAC funding request has been successful for the Dreaming & Opportunities and PHA Engagement programs.

In addition to our ability to continue to offer these programs, effective April 1, 2017 the following staff assume these positions in the agency:

  • Kevin Borden – PHA Engagement Coordinator

Kevin was Food Program Coordinator for 8 years overseeing the Essentials Market and most recently was seconded as Interim Food Access Liaison for the past 6 months. Kevin will now serve as our new PHA Engagement Coordinator.

  • Roy Schuurhuis – Food Programs Coordinator

Roy has been with PWA for 3 years in the role of Food Programs Liaison. He was recently seconded as the Interim Engagement Coordinator. Roy brings much knowledge of food, health and wellness, and volunteer management to this role.

  • Catherine Rutto – Circle of Care Peer Support Coordinator (Permanent)

Catherine has been serving in this capacity as Interim Coordinator for the past year.  Her extensive knowledge of challenges faced by HIV positive women make her a perfect fit for the program as she continues to make great  strides in enhancing and expanding the program.

  • Nick Papadogiannis – Interim Engagement Coordinator

Nick, our former Holistic Engagement Coordinator, will be providing interim support to the Dreaming and Opportunities program until July 2017 when Rachel Dickson will return to the position.

While we know that there are many changes taking place, PWA is committed to our services and to our community. We are excited to see our staff move into new roles with new opportunities for these innovative and exciting programs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at either 416-506-1400 ext 222 or



Gareth Henry

Interim Director, Programs and Services