Ways to help

Private, individual donations made by people like you have a long standing contributions to the lives of Community members.

There are many ways you can give, other than a single or monthly donation. Whether it’s creating your own fundraising event, being sponsored to take part in your favourite activity, donating in your will or in honour of someone else, there are countless ways to help – on your own or by engaging your friends, family and community. You choose and control the type, scale and complexity of your event, in line with your skills, interests and what is do-able for you.

Different ways for individuals to give



The Friends for Life Bike Rally is the only volunteer-led ride, that brings people together for an inclusive, supportive, and life-changing challenge that inspires much-needed help for people living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto, Kingston and Montréal.

Become a Member

Did you know you could become a member and have a direct impact by providing direction and support, and acting as an ambassador to the agency in support of our mission.

Become a Volunteer

This your opportunity to make an impact in our Community


In 1986, PWA was formed by a small group of people living with AIDS in response to what they were seeing and experiencing in the community. This was a community collective of resources to meet the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS.

That community collective continues today with the generous support from individuals, corporations, foundations, various levels of government, and events.

By choosing to support PWA, you are making a positive difference and an investment in ensuring people living with HIV/AIDS have access to food, financial assistance, therapies, training, and more.

Toronto PWA

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