Nourishing Our Community with the PWA Essentials Market

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The end of the year is a special time. It’s a time when many people rejoice and celebrate. This is also a time when many of our dedicated donors – supporters like you – send a Special End-of-Year Gift to help people living with HIV.

That’s why I’m writing to you today so soon after my last message. If you have made an end-of-year donation, please accept my thanks. If you think you may be able to help, I’d like to ask you to take a moment now to make an online donation.

Your year-end donation is an investment in helping people maintain good health and hope.

Maintaining good health isn’t only about taking medication. We know from years of experience that good health is also about maintaining good nutrition. PWA helps our clients maintain good nutrition with one of our most unique programs… our Essentials Market.

The PWA Essentials Market is a different kind of food bank. Clients don’t just show up and get handed a box of pre-packaged items. At PWA clients are empowered by letting them ‘shop’ and select what’s best for them. “There’s nothing random to it.” says Paul, a 20-year volunteer at PWA, “It’s quite different from the other food banks you might see around the city.”

Because of your past support, PWA is able to offer clients truly unique and uplifting services like the Essentials Market which goes above and beyond for our clients.

At this time of year your help is more important than ever. In addition to the pressures of the holiday season, many of our clients who count on the Essentials Market are aging and living alone. So, not only does the Essentials Market offer them nutritious groceries, it’s also a reason for them to get out and to be social in a safe, warm and respectful space.

You see, your support has impact in many very important yet indirect ways.

This is why I’d like to ask you to please take a moment now to make a Special Gift during this holiday season. With your End-of-Year Gift, PWA will be able to bring hope, promise and joy to so many in our community!

Please take a minute by clicking here.

I thank you on behalf of all the people living with HIV who will benefit from your continued generosity.

Suzanne Paddock

Executive Director