Love in Action Campaign 2023

Donate to The Love In Action Campaign 2023 to support those in most need of the services at the Essentials Market, a place that is focused on the wellness of each person. read the short brochure on areas that need love through your donations.

There are more community members coming to the Essentials Market because the exorbitant rise in the cost of living, including food and other life essentials, has been devastating. Bottom line: we need to keep our shelves filled with healthy food and other items, but it’s getting harder to do on our slim budget. Plus, there is a critical need for particular new equipment. 

Let us strengthen the community as we raise the goal of $54,950. For anyone to visit the Essentials Market, it takes a tremendous amount of courage. To cross the threshold of the Essentials Market is to be embraced and respected in love, joy, and community.

Toronto PWA

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