PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally


The Bike Rally originated as a 6-day, 600 km bike ride from Toronto to Montréal. In 2016, the Bike Rally introduced a 1-day, 110 km bike ride from Toronto to Port Hope.

Now in its 19th year, the Bike Rally has engaged over 3400 participant as cyclists and crew and has raised over $15 million dollars for the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA).The Bike Rally is the sustaining fundraiser for PWA supporting its ability to provide critical services and support to individuals living with HIV/AIDS in Toronto.

Bike Rally Participants of all ages and levels of experience share a common passion in supporting their friends, family and neighbours living with HIV/AIDS. Join PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally for the experience of a lifetime and help make a positive difference.. Funds raised through the Bike Rally ensure that people living with HIV/AIDS get access to programs and services that nourish their whole self in a welcoming and healing space.

In Toronto, thousands of people are living with the virus that causes AIDS and approximately one-quarter of Canada’s HIV positive population live and access care here. Find out more about HIV statistics in Canada at  PWA provides a safe place to express those concerns and a place where practical information and support services are available. The Toronto People With AIDS Foundation (PWA) is the largest direct support service agency of its kind for men, transmen, women, transwomen and children living with HIV/AIDS in Canada. Every year PWA provide over 30,000 unique services to more than 2,500 individuals. Visit to find out more.

The 6-Day Ride is a week-long adventure Participants of all fitness levels and a love of cycling and the outdoors will truly love their Bike Rally experience. You will establish new friendships and be part of a community who are committed to collectively contributing to providing positive change for people living with HIV/AIDS. Riders cycle through beautiful towns and cities along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River. The Bike Rally has been doing this for so long that it is not uncommon for residents along the route come out and cheer us on as we pass through their communities.

This amazing 1-day experience will give you a taste of what the Bike Rally is all about. You will be fully supported with crew cheering you on, keeping you fueled, and making sure you arrive in Port Hope to celebrate an incredible day. Departing from the heart of Downtown Toronto, your journey will take you out of the urban sprawl and into the beautiful countryside. You will arrive in Port Hope at the beautiful Haskill cliff-top property overlooking Lake Ontario.

While Riders are training, Crew members are also training, planning and organizing to ensure that this huge event goes smoothly. The Bike Rally could not happen without our dedicated Crew. The Crew generally work long days, some starting at 4:30 am. If you are a Rider, your journey is made easier because the Crew are working hard to ensure your route is well marked; breaks, lunch and dinner are ready on-time; your gear has arrived at our final destination each day; and you have access to Wellness treatments to help you recover. None of this would be possible without our amazing volunteer Crew.

We depart on Sunday July 30 2017 for this remarkable journey, consider joining us for an experience like non other, whether it’s a six day rider, one day rider, or crew member, you can help change the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS.

For more information or to register please visit

“I do the Bike Rally because I know how important the work is that the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation does.”

“The Bike Rally encourages you to get out on the road and do something you think you can’t do…but you can!”

“I had an amazing time participating the 1-Day Ride – met tons of great people, felt extremely supported and challenged.”