PWA Indigenous Spiritual Advisor Announcement

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Dear PWA Community,

We are very happy to share with you, that we have been benefitting significantly from the rich wisdom and advice of Rod Michano, who is now PWA’s Indigenous Spiritual Advisor.

Many of you would have seen that we have installed the Land Acknowledgement in both the Essentials Market and the Reception area on the second Floor. We have created a Meditation space in the Essentials Market, and we have been utilizing Indigenous practices in resolving conflicts. This and more has been at the insight and vision of Rod and his lifetime companion Agokwa brother.

To further strengthen this work, Rod will be present on Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm in the Meditation Space of the Essentials Market. His work will include the traditional Indigenous practice of smudging the space and individuals as a way of centering your body and soul, encouraging positivity and mindfulness. If the spiritual aspect causes you allergies, discomfort, or affects you in any negative way, please visit us on another day and time.

There are other such activities to be implemented and we are committed to keeping you updated when these have been planned.

We value and honour all our Community Members and look forward to your honest feedback and continuous contribution.


Suzanne Paddock

Executive Director

To read the letter from PWA’s Executive Director, please click here.