Become a Member

Members provide direction and support and act as ambassadors to the agency in support of its mission. Members have an interest in furthering the objectives of the agency and have voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting.

Some basic information about membership

To be an active member requires you to renew your membership at least 30 days prior to an annual or special members meeting. The membership list is reviewed and updated at this time. Anyone who has not renewed his or her membership since the last AGM is removed from the list at this time. You may renew your membership up to the time of the meeting, however, only those members who have renewed their membership at least 30 days prior to a members meeting are eligible to vote.

The membership by-law applies to everyone. Being a client, volunteer, or board member does not mean your membership is active or automatically renewed.

All memberships are valid for 1 year/12 month period – from the date of purchase. Renewal notices are sent out in August of each year with an invitation to renew.

Join the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation as a member.



Please drop off or mail the completed form to our office including the membership fee of $10.00.