Community Access

Community Access programs at PWA connects people to services in the community that supplement support offered at PWA.

Income & Community Access

Through caseworkers, this program connects people to government income programs including Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP), Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Ontario Works (OW), Employment Insurance (EI), and Old Age Security (OAS) as well as community services such as counseling, employment, housing, legal, and medical services.

Treatment Access

This program connects people to drug and medication coverage programs such as the Ontario Trillium Drug Program, medical services including doctor referrals, and assists people in accessing medical marijuana and harm reduction. This program is available to anyone living with HIV/AIDS in the province of Ontario.

Community Food Access

This community program connects people to food programs, such as The Essentials Market, Food for Life and the daily lunch program with in PWA as well as other community food programs outside of PWA.