30 Year Anniversary header image

30 Years of Resilience


Thirty years ago on May 11th, 1987, the Ministry of Consumer & Commercial Relations granted PWA status as an incorporated charitable organization. James St. James, Raymond Barnard and Russell Almond filed the application of incorporation and are listed as PWA’s first directors on the letters patent granting incorporation.

To mark this moment, on May 11, we began our year-long celebration and remembrance of our 30 years as an organization. Throughout the year, we will celebrate and remember PWA’s 30 years by including anniversary activities in our yearly community events, Pride, Bike Rally, AGM, World AIDS Day, and also through the creation of specific 30th anniversary events. This planning and coordination is being overseen by a 30th anniversary committee made up of staff, clients, volunteers and donors.

The committee has chosen the following values to guide our planning and coordination throughout the year:

  • Celebration & remembrance,
  • Community & friendship,
  • Knowledge & awareness,
  • Inclusivity & meaningful engagement,
  • Strength & resilience.

In recognition and celebration of PWA’s 30 years, the above logo will be used throughout the year, acknowledging PWA’s resilience and longevity.

See photos from our May 11 Celebration